Boston Marathon Training

boston QUALIFIER training - starts MAY 4th

If you are close to qualifying for the 2020 Boston Marathon or already have qualified and want to improve your marathon time, this group is for you. Train with us to prepare to qualify for the race or further improve your marathon time. Prerequisites for the program are outlined below.

The Charm City Run Boston Marathon Training Programs are targeted towards runners who have a realistic goal of qualifying for the 2020 Boston Marathon and/or runners who may have already qualified for the Boston Marathon and are interested in bettering their marathon time. 


In order to participate in a Boston Marathon training program, you must meet at least one of the first two criteria and be willing to adhere to the third.  These criteria include:

1. Have completed a marathon within the last 18 months and recorded a time within 20 minutes of your Boston Marathon qualifying time. For instance, if you are an 18-34 year old male, your qualifying time is a 3:00.  In order to qualifying for this training program, you will need to have run a 3:20 or faster within the last 18 months. Click here for qualifying times.

2. Run one or more half marathons within the last 12 months and recorded a time that if you double your time and add 15 minutes, will equal a Boston qualifying time.  For instance, for an 18-34 year old male, you would have to run a half marathon in 1:22:30 or faster within the last 12 months

3. You have to be willing and able to run 12 miles at a time on day one of the training and you have to be willing to run 5 or more days a week and 55 or more miles per week.

where we run

Our Boston Marathon Training program rotates practice locations. Tuesday nights will be at the Carver Center Track in Baltimore County. Saturday runs will rotate between Charm City Run Bel Air, Charm City Run Timonium, Charm City Run Locust Point, the NCR Trail and the Loch Raven Reservoir.

Boston Marathon Qualifier Training

train to qualify for 2020!

Boston Marathon Qualifier Training starts May 4th and St Lukes Via Marathon in Lehigh, PA on Sunday, September 8th or any other marathon in the same time frame.


Boston Marathon Qualifier Training Program
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Training Dates & Times

Info Sessions:

  • Thursday, April 18th at 6:30pm at Charm City Run Timonium

  • Tuesday, April 23rd at 6:30pm at Charm City Run Locust Point

First Run:

  • Saturday, May 4th at 7:30am at Charm City Run Timonium

Training Runs:

  • Tuesdays at 6:30pm

  • Saturdays at 7:30am

Coach: Jeff Burger

What to Expect

  • Supported group runs and workouts twice a week with planned routes, refreshments and companionship. Every Tuesday evening, we will do intervals at a local track and every Saturday we will meet for long runs.

  • A personalized training program with suggested paces for every run, including easy runs, tempo runs, intervals, and long runs.

  • Weekly emails from the coaches with important runs for the week and any other important information – i.e. in store events, seminars, etc.

  • Access to expert coaching services and advice.

  • Logo training premium.

  • Gait analysis with footwear recommendations.

  • 10% store discount at Charm City Run.

  • Advice from Charm City Run staff regarding apparel, running form, strength training, nutrition, race strategy, pacing, and more.

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Word on the Street

"I decided to enroll in Boston training group two months after my first marathon with a time of 3:59. From the first meeting with coach Jeff I understood that it is going to be a tough program. He adopted and modified very effective training methodology with strong scientific foundation. Jeff is also very good at building the team and making this very hard work enjoyable. We all had a lot of fun during this rough winter course. Although a Boston qualifying time was absolutely unreal for me from the beginning, I almost made it at WMRT marathon with the time 3:29:45. The program definitely works. Dropping almost 30 minutes would not be possible without such great training and Jeff's coaching."

- Alex Lituev, Boston Qualifier Program Runner


I joined Charm City Run's Boston Training Group with Jeff in 2017, having run two marathons and several half marathons in the past. I had created my own training plans and was a decent runner, but didn't feel like I'd been able to be as successful at the marathon as I could be. I was so grateful to come into a group of welcoming, motivated, and ambitious runners like Jeff's. My first training cycle with the group was for the 2017 Lehigh Valley Marathon. I learned so much about taking the easy days truly easy, varying the speed and type of your runs throughout the week, nutrition, hydration, and race strategy. It was great to have company for long runs and track workouts, as well as access to a complete training plan on Final Surge, a super easy-to-use app. I felt so successful at the race, running a 31 minute personal best and qualifying for the Boston Marathon! My most recent training block with the group was this summer, training for the 2018 Chicago marathon. I was able to run another personal best following this training block and re-qualify for the 2020 Boston Marathon. I was especially excited about this race as I was able to get my time close to the three-hour mark, a big goal I had set for myself.

-Caryn Just, Boston Training Group Runner

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Brooks is the proud sponsor of all Charm City Run training programs.

Brooks is the proud sponsor of all Charm City Run training programs.